Sara Beth and Evelyn are available for a variety of speaking engagements including prepared messages for worship. Suggested topics: spiritual gifts, prayer, prayer practices, healing and many others. We love being given topics we haven’t considered. $200-$500

Workshops are an opportunity to explore a topic in an intentional space while getting to know community members better. Sara Beth and Evelyn offer a variety of workshops. Workshops can usually be adjusted for timing, except where noted.

“Clearness committees” are an application of Friends discernment processes applied to an individual or even an organization. A process of listening for God’s movement in a specific situation, usually around an area where a decision needs to be made, this workshop provides everyone an opportunity to learn the process of discernment while actually experiencing this clarity around a specific area in their lives as well. We can also facilitate a clearness process for individuals or groups. Allow at least two hours for either of these.

"Empowering Change“ is a hands on workshop exploring the ways we keep things stuck by the ways we try to make them change.  "For those who want to know more about creating change in self and others, this workshop is spiritually-based and encourages self-discovery through posed queries and group discussion. Sara Beth Terrell is an excellent facilitator who creates a safe environment for sharing, which promotes the self-awareness needed for change to occur. I highly recommend this workshop." Colette Edwards, Retired UNCG Associate Professor. "This workshop provided a safe and relaxed setting to explore common roadblocks to building loving and trusting relationships. I felt the workshop with specific ideas on how to improve strained relationships with family and co-workers." Elizabeth Vance 

Other workshop topics include spiritual practices, art and spirit, prayer practices, spiritual gifts, etc. $250-$500

Creating Sacred Spaces
As the church is less significant in people’s lives, we need new ways of marking transitions. Whether celebrating beginnings, marking an ending or helping create a space for movement around something that has been stuck, we would love to help create sacred spaces for new life and growth. Possible transition events include weddings, vow renewals, divorce, the birth of a child, miscarriages, the loss of a loved one (even a pet), moving, retirement, job changes and more. $200-$600

Spiritual direction
“God comes to us disguised as our life,” according to Paula D’Arcy. Spiritual direction is a relationship of accountability wherein we ask how God might be moving in the things life brings our way. Having another person listen for God with us helps us see and hear better between visits.

Sara Beth and Evelyn each offer a limited number of spots for personal spiritual direction. Sara Beth limits spiritual direction sessions to women in non-traditional ministries. Evelyn often uses art in spiritual direction. While spiritual direction is traditionally a face-to-face conversation, the internet makes face-to-face possible over distance and time zones. Suggested range $50-$100, but we’ll work with any circumstances.

You can also find spiritual directors in your area through the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation at www.shalem.org or Spiritual Directors International at www.sdiworld.org.