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Artists who contributed to this site:

Adele Wyman:
Adele Wayman is a painter and creator of installations and altars. Her art has been widely exhibited in invitational and juried exhibitions. Adele lives in the country outside Greensboro, NC where she and her furniture-making husband work in their studio, Forest Light, and take frequent fly fishing trips together. She grows the flowers she paints, has a daily Zen meditation practice and is continually expanding her vision and approach to art-making. Go to to see more of her beautiful work.

Gaither Moore Terrell:
Gaither Moore Terrell is a psychotherapist, avid reader, cook, bird lover, and accidental photographer.

Kathryn Hood:
Hello, my name is Kathryn Hood! I am 19 years old and am attending UNC Charlotte for Photography. I grew up in Raleigh, NC, I went to Broughton High School, and I love taking pictures! I love capturing moments that are precious and close to the heart. Although I agree with the "live in the moment" mantra, I think it is important to capture the important things in your life with a camera; our memory only has so much visual storage. I also use photography as my way of creating art; I have figured out that you can find art anywhere you look if you only look hard enough. Maybe even look through a viewfinder. For more about Kathryn, please visit

Madeleine Straubel:
Madeleine Straubel is Sara Beth's favorite daughter-in-law and took some magnificent shots during a family vacation. She is passionate about social justice, especially regarding equal access to high quality education in the United States. You can connect with Madeleine on LinkedIn at

Helen Parrish:
Helen Parrish is an acrylic painter living in Greensboro, NC, mostly exhibiting work at private shows in the Greensboro area. You can contact her at to be added to the mailing list for upcoming shows.

Julia Hood:
Julia Hood is a museum educator, a sculptor and lover of all things miniature. Julia contributed the home page picture and Sara Beth's photo. Her art can be found at and on Facebook at The Little Green Chick.

Monica Citty Hix:
Monica Citty Hix is a minister, musician, artist, retreat leader, and writer. She is the founder of Inner Ground, Inc - a ministry that seeks to nourish the human heart and spirit through contemplative practices and expressive arts. You can connect to her and explore opportunities with Inner Ground at

Martha Summerville:
As an artist I have been fascinated for as long as I can remember with the contrast of light and darkness -- especially "light breaking through." Whether it is light streaming through late day clouds, through waving leaves, or in the myriad ways light breaks through between ourselves and the world around us. This painting, "The Breakthrough," emerged from meditations on such moments in group decision making and discernment. In my business I consult with governing boards, senior teams, and executives who are wrestling with forging new pathways for their organizations. This work also evokes breakthrough moments. My colleague, Charlotte Roberts, and I just published our book "The Mindful Board: Mastering the Art of Conscious Governance" in which letting light shine through in many ways and at many levels is key to decisions that make the world a better place. Learn more at